Home Decorating And Home Style Tips

If you prefer to decorate your home or only a few rooms, choose rooms that are used frequently like a lounge or kitchen. Examine home decorating magazines for ideas of what style you would like your home to follow. Take clippings of the look you want to achieve then take time to figure out what will work best with your room of choice.

Do you prefer bold, bright colors or deep, rich fabrics and colors? Think about the colors that your family would enjoy, as they have to live in this home too. Spread the color theme throughout the home for a collective look. Now, select a print that can range from floral, textures, stripes, patterns and plaids. Use the chosen fabric to match with all others, this can be your signature print. Have fun and get really creative with home decorating, as this is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Decorating for a formal room

Apply long curtains; striped, vertical wallpaper to your wall with beautiful long window treatments for a look of elegance. Cushy, soft carpet and dark, polished wood will create a beautiful clean and smooth look. Create a mirror image that adds balance to the room with two chairs or end tables places together.


Decorating for a casual room

Apply heavy carpet and strong, textures wallpaper to this room. Make the rooms appear inviting with square shaped furnishings and lined wallpaper. Finally create an informal balance in the room by using chairs and end pieces that aren’t the same shape.

Make a larger room more inviting

Make a room appear inviting by visually dividing your room up with rugs, chairs and plants. Make a specific object the main focus of the room such as chair groupings then work around this to make further area groupings. If you want to make a room appear smaller apply warm and soft colors to the room so the room can blend together. To make a room appear bigger you need to apply cool colors to the walls but not dark or warm. Use a small number of prints in the room. Mirrors and glass tabletops create a look of a larger room.


Preparation for your walls in a very valid step to obtaining the best surface to apply your wallpaper too. The walls need to be clean and evenly smooth. If your walls have been wallpapered previously you need to remove old wallpaper if it is peeling and not in good condition. Remove the paper by grabbing and pulling the paper off the wall. For previously painted walls you need to smooth the walls removing all scrapes and bumps by sanding or other techniques. Cracks need to be filled in with filler and then primed before the paper is sized up. Glossy surfaces should be washed carefully then smoothed. On a new and unpainted surface, the walls need to be covered with primer or a sealer. Paint surfaces including ceilings and baseboards before the wallpaper is applied. For extra security and in case wallpaper gets damaged in future, extra wallpaper should be brought.








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