Home Decorating: Are You Ready For Valentine’s Day?

If you are having a Valentine’s Day home party or just want to celebrate with your loved ones, Valentine’s decorations for your home are very important. While people do not generally decorate their homes extensively for Valentine’s Day, now you have got in the decoration mood, why not have a few special Valentine ornaments about the home to signify the day?

If your Valentine’s ornaments are well chosen, they may even fit into your home decor at other times too. Special Valentine ornaments can also make unusual Valentine gifts, for supplementing the roses and chocolates. Here we give you some ideas for Valentine decor:

Vases. If you are buying, or expecting, roses on Valentine’s Day, then an appropriately designed and tastefully decorated vase may be a choice accompaniment. A red vase in an attractive design may prove opportune for Valentine’s Day, but can also play a part for your summer cut flowers when your garden is in full bloom; that is, if it is not over adorned with Valentine Day graffiti.


Welcome signs. A cheerful welcome sign to hang on or by the front door is great way to greet people who arrive at your home on and around Valentine’s Day. By signifying your home is a place of love and romance, visitors should be immediately warmed by the greeting. Some of the best examples are also very attractive.

Sun catchers. By their very nature, sun catchers are very cheerful and optimistic, so are ideal for a heart warming Valentine’s Day, reflecting not just the sunlight but the light coming from your heart too. Coloured in reds and pinks, and with heart shaped decorations, if you are lucky enough to find a good Valentine sun catcher, it will be an attractive feature for some time to come.


Wind chimes. Easier to find than sun catchers, Valentine wind chimes are a good choice for those who appreciate the gentle chime of these popular indoor and outside ornaments. Again you will find heart shaped decorations are common, but you may find the occasional fairy and other decorous feature added to make the wind chime even more attractive.

Candle holders. One of the easier types of Valentine decor to find is Valentine candle holders. Jar, tea light or pillar candle holders can all come with a Valentine theme, or you can simply choose a romantic red and buy some richly scented candles to go with them.

candle holders

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