Home Decorating With A Hawaiian Theme

Home Decorating With A Hawaiian Theme – Bring a little of that island feeling into your home, either indoors or in your outdoor living space. You can apply a Hawaiian theme to an elegant dinner party, a fun and funky luau, or anything in between.

First, look at the space itself, including floors, walls, roof or ceiling. Think natural materials. Try bamboo matting on the floor. It’s fairly inexpensive, very durable and easy on the feet. For a roof or large patio umbrella, consider palm leaf thatch. For home decorating with a Hawaiian theme choose rich vibrant colors inspired by island vegetation: hibiscus red, bird of paradise orange or palm tree green. Use pineapple and mango colored accents. Bright navy or marine blue makes an effective background for your home decorating with a Hawaiian theme.


When you add thefurniture, natural materials are best. For example, raffia table skirts and rattan or bamboo furniture are a fast way to create a Hawaiian atmosphere. If you’re using indoor dining chairs or resin patio chairs and want an elegant feel, consider slipovers made of a fabric with a Hawaiian print. Now add lighting. Real flame, whether in candles or bamboo torches, will give you the most authentic look.

When you think of Hawaii, and use accessories for home decorating with a Hawaiian theme, you probably imagine palm trees swaying in the breeze, brightly colored exotic flowers, or maybe even hula dancers and surfboards. Each of these is an example of a motif.

Choose one motif and run with it, or mix a couple. Motifs with a common theme (such as Hawaii!) can be easily tied together by style or color. Once you’ve picked a motif, you’ll find lots of ideas for adding it to your room. From windsocks and stepping stones to tablecloths and salt & pepper shakers, the list of thematic accessories you can find is seemingly endless.

Don’t overdo it though. Sometimes less is more, especially if you’re decorating for a full season of living in the Hawaiian theme.

Music is a powerful mood setter. CDs of traditional or contemporary island tunes can provide backdrop to conversation, or liven up the fun and games.








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