Home Decorating With Latino Style

Home Decorating With Latino Style – Have you ever looked at a home décor magazine and wished your house or living room looked like that. With a little time, effort and a little elbow grease you would be surprised at how much you can do and save. Recently everyone has caught the ‘Latino Bug’ because we all like the idea of adding some spice in our lives or even in our own living rooms. If your thinking of simply spicing up something simple such as your living room look no further than your brain.

For home decorating with Latino style there is no reason you have to hire an interior decorator who charges thousands of dollars to do the same thing that you could do. Here are some tips that could spice up your living room using a ‘Latino’ theme.


1. Paint. When home decorating with Latino style, go to the hardware store and purchase some interior wall paint in a bold shades such as deep or maroon red, sunrise orange, or even brown. Paint the room with your chosen color to create a bold look.

2. Furniture. If it is within your budget, buy new latino-esque furniture. If not, just purchase a few sofa covers in some neutral shades that complement your choice of wall paint color.


3.Flooring. If you are on a budget, look for laminated tiles using browns, reds, and coppers. If you can spare a little change to improve the look, you can purchase Mexican terracotta floor tiles for a more traditional look.

4. Lighting. Recessed lighting will always help create a warm and inviting look.


5. Accessories. Decorative accessories are the final touches that will surely make the difference in how all of the other elements will come together. Look for accessories that will complement your flooring, wall and furniture color palette. Don’t be afraid to spruce up your walls with indigenous style wall hangings. You could also display a marble Aztec pyramidor even a decorative Aztec tequila bottle as your coffee table centerpiece.

latino-home-decor4 Aztec bottle

Follow all of these tips for home decorating with Latino style and you are sure to end up with a living room fit for entertaining guests. You will see that the warmer tones will create a more lively and inviting look that your guests will love. The accessories and the style of flooring will surely be the topic of conversation at your next party. Who knows, you may end up hosting a salsa dance contest. Have fun home decorating!



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