Home Design Trends For 2013

In 2013 home design is likely to go through another cycle to become something different yet again. From color and furniture to technology and atmosphere, most of the predictions for the upcoming 2013 seem to be agreeing with each other. And it paints a very calm, natural picture.

The biggest trend that will come around in 2013 is color. Neutral colors like brown and other earth tones are going to be very popular according to the experts. The emptiness of pale colors and the smooth richness of darker reds and blacks have both seen their popularity, and it’s now time for a return to the middle distance. That means that darker creams, browns, grays and other soft colors will definitely be the in thing for your home designs.


Another trend that’s set to make a return is natural materials. Stainless steel is out, and softer fabrics and materials are coming back. For window treatments you may want to think about investing in bamboo shades or natural cotton curtains. Both of these can bring a lighter, airy feel to a room and make it feel comfortable even if it’s a little small. Wider, more open spaces are also going to be more common in 2013, rather than cramped, over-decorated places.


An unusual trend that flies in the face of the updates of the 1950s and 1960s is the downsizing of technology as a force in decor. Ever since the radio and the television took prominence in the center of the family room technology has been used as a design motif. The biggest television, the most space age appliances and others have been the back drop of many modern homes.


Those things are all taking a back seat in 2013, and if you want to create a softer, more comfortable home you might want to invest in a cabinet you can close or a screen you can pull to make your high end electronics less obvious. Or you could even invest in a projector, which means that all you need is an expanse of flat wall for your evening’s television or movie entertainment.


The general look that homes are going for is a Renaissance appearance. Hard wood and canvas, fabric and silk mixed with stone and glass are all good bets. Plastics and other artificial materials that are more reminiscent of modern day manufacturing should be hidden when possible and made to resemble more natural materials when it isn’t. Even places like sinks, which is traditionally metal or plastic, could benefit from some natural stone to take nature out of the outdoors and to put it squarely in your indoors.


These design motifs, from window blinds and curtains to hardwoods and home spun rugs, aren’t cheap at all. However, they are comfortable and they will last a long time if taken care of properly. Easier to wash, and to protect with proper care, they’re a step back from the disposable era that many home owners have lived in, and they represent a more solid, long-lived attitude towards furnishings and style.




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