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Tiffany lamps can set the tone in any environment, creating a warm sense of beauty using light, color and shadow to both excite and calm the eye and mind. Tiffany lamps are art nouveau style lamps that feature colorful, lead glass mosaic shades. The lamps were and still are considered both art and a lighting fixture. It is true that every homemaker needs to exert an effort to make sure that everyone would be pleased with his or her home. It makes a person more certain that he or she is doing the right job. The ornamentation of one’s home must be something that everyone will like and love. If you have this ongoing project to beautify your home, then maybe this can help you out.

Get the tiffany lamps ready and the other things that are necessary to making a dull and lifeless corner be transformed into a beautiful and cozy one.

The original Tiffany lamps have inspired modern designers to create similar designs. Stained glass lamps have become a timeless staple in home fashion, and new technologies give modern designers the ability to create more colorful, beautiful lamps that anyone can have access to.


One of the modern companies that were influenced by the original Tiffany lamps is a company called Dale Tiffany. Dale Tiffany lamps feature the same beautifully intricate designs as the original Tiffany lamps, but modern methods allow the designer to use brighter colors and more delicate patterns. Dale Tiffany lamps combine beautiful stained glass with modern fixtures in today’s trendiest metals and finishes.

Other designers besides Dale Tiffany have been inspired by Tiffany lamps. Even large manufacturers of home goods sold at mass merchandisers have been known to offer a Tiffany style lamp every so often. Even do it yourself champions have been known to tackle the task of creating a unique one of a kind stained glass lamp.

tiffany-on -table tiffany-floor-lamp

1. First thing that you must do is to determine the purpose of the place. There are many times when you get an empty place because you have it utilized in a way that is contrary to what it was designed for. For example, you use a corner of the living room for your kids study corner. You will get a contradicting interest and purpose there. How are you supposed to watch TV when the kids are studying and how are they supposed to study if the TV is very near? Instead of making things worse, then you better get that empty space utilized for something else such as putting up a bar or a pop corn station that is perfect for those family bonding moments in front of the TV.


2. You need to make sure that you do not overdo things. Well, have you ever done a random check of how many tables are present in your entire house just yet? Remember that it will not be any good or healthy if you keep on placing the same element over and over. With the corner that you want to arrange, refrain from using those elements. Instead of tables, for example, you may want to add a loveseat or other things that you may still occupy the space and may be used for other functions too.

tiffany-lamp1 tiffany-detail

Wisteria Royal Blue leaded glass and bronze Tiffany lamp

3. You should deliver the aesthetic values that you wish to deliver. It is not right that you will just let things get so crowded or so plain. You have to bear in mind that you want to revive the place look more useful and not just serve as a new place for clutter. Perhaps adding the tiffany lamps and a vase of flowers would do the trick.

tiffany-lamp2 tiffany-detail2

Tiffany fruit pastel colored leaded glass and bronze chandelier

4. See to it that you get the furniture pieces fit to the theme. Have you ever seen a room with all these modern set-up but with big wingback chairs on them? That might just look weird and certainly, you would not want to do the same mistake. Then, get the furniture that fits your needs.

tiffany-lamp3 tiffany-lamp4

Geometric designs

5. You need to make sure that you keep the area true to what you designed it for. You have set up a place for the family game room then you should make sure that the family will use it for fun games and other type of leisure activities. What purpose will there be for it when nobody is using it, right?

tiffany-lamp5 tiffany-detail3

Flowering Lotus Lamp

Then you see there is not much that you would need. Perhaps you have to get tiffany lamps or other additions to complete the look of the room but then a little imagination could certainly do especially if you already have the things you need to redesign a space.


If you’re looking for Tiffany lamps, or Tiffany style lamps, you’ll find them at many places. The original Tiffany lamps are most commonly found at antique stores, auctions, or consignment stores. Ask around, and you’ll find plenty of places that have original Tiffany lamps for sale. Even if you can’t find an original, there are plenty of cool lamps in Tiffany style at your local lighting fixtures store.

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