Home Ornaments Are Decorating Trend 2014

Home ornaments are decorating trend in 2014. More and more people like to buy home ornaments to decorate their home by themselves. Let’s check the following home ornaments that will inspire you in home decorating this year.

1. Natural Moisturizing Humidifier – In summer, dry air may keep our body in a state of hydropenia, which is harmful to our skin and damages our health. Why not get a humidifier at home? There are many kinds of humidifiers for us to choose, and you can choose a grass paper. Its paper material, naturally evaporating without consuming a single watt of electricity and a high evaporation speed as 15 times as natural water makes it safe and eco-friendly to use!

Add a drop of attar to this natural moisturizing humidifier, and your room will be full of flavor! In addition to that, it may also bring some nature vibe and vitality to your room with its natural and cute design. This humidifier is really a perfect home ornament in summer!


2. Do you love romantic? Do you sometimes want to drink some wine with your loved one in an anniversary day or just drink alone to enjoy the quietness in the evening? Then you might need a wine bottle holder. Buy a very fashionable magic wine bottle holder in rope shape with green leaves. Just imagine, put it on your desk or cabinet, it will add your home some forest feeling, which will make you feel romantic and close to nature. This stunning can not only play a role as a wine bottle holder, but also a fantastic home ornament.


3. Sometimes only a small home ornament can make great change in your home or even in your life. There is a cartoon smile face tissue box cover in a dinning room, it’s smiling all the time! It can bring you better attitude towards life. This lovely smiling tissue container is simple but vogue. It can not only be used conveniently, but also a beautiful landscape at home or in restaurant. And its light color will bring me a lot of cool in this hot summer. There is no doubt it will be one of the most popular home decoration this summer.

tissue box

4. Have you ever heard about the sunny doll from Japan? There is a tradition custom in Japan that people usually hang sunny dolls to pray for good weather and good luck. It is so cute and meaningful, right? You can also take it as a modern home ornament. Hang it on your door handle and it will bring you good luck and livelier accent to your home. Beyond that, you can also feel the exotic atmosphere with this sunny doll.


5. As the invention of air condition, electric fans seems to fade away from the market and won’t occupy the leading position. But using air condition might bring us some kinds of diseases and not good to the environment. How about going back to electric fans? You can buy a Flower Pot Portable Fan for your bedroom. It can be used with any desktop or notebook with led night light, ideal for decorating and cooling. It is very light in weight and quite easy to carry. Beyond that, it is eco-friendly with low power consumption and low noise running. Led night light and soft blades material ensures to be used safely. Using electric fans can not only bring us nature wind, but also add some easiness to our life with its cute design. It is an awesome home ornament for my home and you really should get one!


6. Solar Mushroom Lamp – Be creative and grow magic mushrooms on your desk! Powered by mini solar panels on its base, Kinoko mushroom USB lamp features three large, artificial mushrooms that are actually LEDs. The mushrooms appear to be sprouting out of the pot’s neatly clipped grass, and change colors throughout the day. there are also stemmed lilypad-shaped leaves and a cute, yellow/orange daisy-like flower that come with the lamp, so you can let your inner flower arranger loose by rearranging them every day.


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