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A rug can be summed up as a textile floor covering. It consists of an upper layer of pile, which is attached to a backing. This pile is compromised of wool or man made fiber such as polypropylene or nylon. A rug does create a big change within the four walls of the room. Hence, if you are really contemplating the idea of decorating the floor of your room with a Masai rug you really need to think a bit out of the box.

Masai rugs are classic example of tribal work at its best. Once you will add layer of modern style to it the product is amazing and it will light up the interiors of your room. Masai rugs are made of 100% wool. The zebra pattern on these rugs makes it a fantastic product. It is in fact a visual treat for the person who enters the room.

It makes a stunning statement on your floor space. If you want your floor to be covered with these wonderful rugs, you can buy from any of the stores within your vicinity. The collection in some of Masai rug is fantastic and you will be spoilt for choice. These stores are completely professional in their approach and the staff will welcome you warmly once you have landed up there. If you are busy, you can always contact them online at your own desired time. You can even order online. You can be rest assured that the consignment will be delivered at your desired location quickly. Very soon, the floor of your living room will be lit up by this beautiful Masai rug.


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