Houses For Cottage Lovers

There are a lot of house plans types and kinds available in the market today. May it be the bungalow type, the modernist, or the standard American home, you can have the appropriate plan that you want and need for you and your family. However, cottage house plans are on the rage these days. This article, for the benefit of cottage lovers out there, is a general guide concerning cottage house plans, its benefits, and its distinctiveness that matches like no other house type out there.

Cottage houses are one of the smallest types of houses with typically one or two stories. Made during the middle ages, it first originated in European countries as the farmers’ ‘barn house’. It was first built using stone as its foundation and thatches for its roofs.

However, the modern day cottages of today are being looked up by retired professionals and by families wanting a home away from home. With its cozy structure and low maintenances, it is no wonder why cottage houses are being in demand for permanent and temporary getaways.


Advantages of choosing a cottage housing plan

Small homes almost always lead to lower housing costs. Cottage homes, being one of the smaller types of housing plans to date, will mean a simple and economical way of living. Not only will you spend less in the construction and interiors, but the utility costs like heating and maintenances will also be reasonably low.

Living in a cottage also inspires you to appreciate and love nature. For a small home, a cottage will then typically have lush and pretty country living gardens to adorn the porches, patios and even the inside of the lot. Trees and plantings can be planted to increase the scenic attraction. For those lots that are odd in shape, your cottage can be built in the middle and those abysmal spaces can be made wonderful with natural landscaping and plant adorations.


Searching for the right cottage house plan

Map out and list down all the details and amenities you want inside of your home. This can include the number of stories, rooms, bathrooms, as well as the sizes of each space. Depending on the size of your family, your bedrooms can include one large master room, while the other rooms tend to be smaller in effect. Either way, the living, dining, and kitchen spaces need to be open to maximize the space you have left.

For the amenities, you need to prioritize those that you and your family need and not want. For example, a game room may not be suitable for your area that already occupies 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and one large adjoining living-dining-kitchen area. The principle of having a cottage is to live as simple as possible. If extra space is an issue, it might not be worth your time to settle for cottage houses, and you will have to look at other home plans that can cater your extra needs.


Cottage house in Pennsylvania (designed by architect Peter Archer)



Modern cottage house, design at the base of Squak Mountain, Washington



Modern cottage house by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects, Sebastopol, California



Deephaven Modern Cottage house in Minnesota, US



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