How To Decorate A Small Bedroom?

When you decorate a small bedroom, use bright colors. This is especially true for rooms with insufficient natural light. At the two images below, the niches are painted in white and used as the sleeping area. Decorate a small bedroom with bed in simple design. The bed in a small room should be simple, without the broad sides. It is a good option to use he space under the bed to keep the bedding sheets and linen. Above the bed headboard you can install few shelves and the lamp.

Where to put the wardrobe? It is very difficult to store a wardrobe in a small room so it fits well both visually and functionally. If there is a space between the bed and the wall, use it for a storage closet that will be made in the same material and color as the bed.


Decorate a small bedroom with wallpapers. Effective appearance of the small bedroom can be achieved using the bold and expressive wallpaper on the wall behind the bed. Some of the colors of the wallpaper can be repeated on the bed cover, curtains or small details in the room (vase, chair, lamp…).

Lighting is one of the most important elements of decorations, especially in the case of small spaces. In addition to the main lights on the ceiling, adding the wall or post lamps beside the bed is a good idea. Also, indirect light will draw attention of the size of small room and provide an interesting light effects on the walls.

Decorate a small bedroom with folding bed. The beds that after use can be lifted and sheltered are a good solution for a small bedroom that are used for additional functions, for example as the study. Also, with this solution you will have the storage closet where you can easily approach when the bed is folded in.







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