How To Decorate Sexy Masculine Interior?

How To Decorate Sexy Masculine Interior? When it comes to designing a masculine interior for a home, the same rules apply. Whilst the glib answer may well be that the prime rule for male interior decor is the relationship between size of TV and distance to sofa, in truth the same rules apply whether designing for one man or a large group of people or family.

Ignoring budget considerations, top of any interior design decision tree is the question of who is actually going to be using the space. One person living alone who is immersed in their work and only uses the home to eat and sleep in will have very different needs from the single male who regularly invites the entire team back after football.


In the first instance, prime considerations will be ease of use of kitchen appliances and a restful bedroom. In the second, lots of comfy sofas, a robust carpet that will stand up to party wear and a games room might be on the menu.

When it comes to color schemes, men prefer blue, green and black whilst orange, purple and pink are on their list of least favorite colors. Interestingly brown, traditionally associated with male studies crammed with wood book shelves and dark leather chairs also makes it on to the list of least favorite colors. Of course, within each color there are shades which are more or less acceptable and interestingly tastes also change with age.

Interior designers understand this relationship between use, form, color and function and really good designers will also be part designer part psychologist. When choosing a designer remember that just as every person has their own taste, every designer will have their own favorite. Never plump for the first designer offered because they did a good job on the house down the road. Spend some time talking with a prospective designer. Chat to them about their preferred style and taste and choose a designer that you can communicate with easily.




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