How To Organize A Living Room?

Living room is the centerpiece of any home. In the past it was place for receiving guests, and today, for relaxing and working of residents. Beside the selection of furniture and the style of the living room, it is very important to make the space functional and comfortable.

To better equip this room, it is recommended to start with drawing on paper;first draw the shape of the room with approximate dimensions. Mark where are the doors, windows and electrical outlets. The next step is to equip the center of the living room. The focus needs to be placed on a table set – for bigger space choose angled sitting set and smaller spaces make more attractive by using an interesting sofas. It is very important to take into account the color of the walls and light. Always choose colors that you like and which give the feel of serenity of the area.

Decorate the walls with interesting pictures, unique and attractive decorations. Choose the appropriate carpet and decorate living room with floral arrangement or some interesting plant. The rest of the empty space you can fill with the shelves where you can store books, magazines and a chest of drawers for DVD player, TV and more. Try not to overuse details and furniture to make the space could not breathe.










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