How To Paint The Basement Walls?

The basement is a great feature to possess in any home which you might live in. For many people it can be a large storage space for excess boxes and things which they don’t want to have to find a place for round the home. For others basement is a great space to use whenever you want a place to play or an area for the children to run around and play the whole day.

This means that you will have to finish the room and paint the basement walls. This is a long procedure and it will require for you to add a bit of color and sparkle. What better approach to achieve this than by painting the basement walls? This is within your means if you do it the best way.


The first thing you may have to do is look at each of the basement walls and make sure that none of them have possible leaks of any type. Do you see water marks or mildew over the walls? If you ever do try to locate the source of the problem and mend it. Once that’s done you’ll be able to apply the waterproof primer to the basement walls.

Next you must go to the store and choose the color that you love. Try and choose something which is light and neutral. In that way the area can be used by anybody. Dark colors may be fun – but inside of a room with no natural light it may be somewhat suffocating and annoying. Specially for kids and or pets – you do not want to have problems with this.

When the primer is given no less than the day to dry you may be able to roll on the paint. Ensure that that is waterproof and you apply it on evenly. Let the initial coat dry completely and than you’ll have the ability to apply the second coat to the basement walls. You may have to put on two or three coats till you are happy with the result. Just make sure that you put the paint on so it does not streak.








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