How To Re-Use Old Windows?

How to re-use old windows? – Old wooden frame windows are not energy efficient and they need to be replaced. Old windows and doors can be used to make an interesting furniture, room dividers, wall decorations and even an outdoor decor.

Old windows and doors have sentimental value. They are usually very charming in their vintage style, with fantastic textures and shapes. They can be turned into real art pieces that could be unique home decor and addition to modern looking interiors.


Make a glasshouse. If you have few old windows, you can build a glasshouse for the garden. On one of the windows add hinges and turn them into doors.


Make a picture frames. Old windows look great when mounted on the walls. They can look like genuine picture frames. Favorite family photos or important documents may be glued on the back of the window. You can create a collage from family photos, postcards, souvenirs and on top of that write interesting messages.


Make a table. Table made from old window will look good both in the house and outside. If you have an old window frame with the glass, just screw on the table legs and you have a unique table. Simple project would be to put the window frame on top of the coffee table, as a tray for serving drinks or keep your magazines.


Make a contemporary-style mirror. Old windows can be easily re-born as contemporary-style mirrors. Put the mirror instead of glass in the old wooden window frame and you will have a unique decorative feature. You can also use blackboard and mounted the frame on the kitchen wall.

Old windows can be used in numerous ways. You can make bed head board, jewelry holders, interesting shelves or bookcases. You can paint them in solid colors or any pattern you wish.


All this items can look excellent in rustic interiors, family houses or contemporary flats. There is so many ways to give the old wooden window frames a new life.

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