How To Refresh An Old Kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is a center of activity and will be in use not only when you are cooking, but when you are cleaning other rooms, say mopping floors or cleaning windows, and preparing meals. If your kitchen looks good then it is a dream to be in, however if it looks a little worn and tired then the jobs you do in it can become chores. Not only that but a fantastic new looking, bright and breezy kitchen can add to the value of your home.

New kitchens can be expensive to buy and fit, and in the current financial climate spending a lot of money isn’t always a good idea. The good news is that you can give your kitchen a new lease of life without breaking the bank. There are two really simple ways to make your old kitchen look like new again and with a little consideration you will be able to do them on a tight budget.

Take a look at your kitchen’s doors; if they are finished with stain or paint consider renewing the finish. Obviously if they have a vinyl finish this isn’t going to work but if this isn’t the case then great. First of all remove the door from the cabinet by taking it off its hinges. Then give it an allover sanding with emery paper until you have got rid of the previous coating. When you have done this it’s time to apply a new coating.


This is the important bit and some consideration must be taken. Look at how much light your kitchen receives throughout the day, if your kitchen is generally a darkish room then go for light colors to brighten it up a bit. If it already gets plenty of light then you can choose a darker finish. You can either stain or paint the doors so choose whichever finish you prefer. Another neat trick is to two-tone your kitchen doors. If the doors have a framework and a central panel then finish each in a different color. However, make sure that your chosen color scheme doesn’t clash or you could be worse off than before you began.


Another way to make your kitchen more desirable is to change the work surfaces. You might have grubby chipped laminate worktops that really drag your kitchen down. Well if that’s the case think about replacing them. You could change the thickness of your worktops and purchase thicker ones. This gives the kitchen a more robust and expensive look. Or you might decide to go for solid granite work surfaces, although these can be expensive. When you purchase your new surfaces ask the supplier if they can cut them to size and joint them for you. You might also check to see if they can cut the hole for the sink for you. This will make fitting your new tops that much easier, and professionally cut joints look much better than jointing strips.





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