Individual Vintage Style In Your Home

Interior trends are often all about taking inspiration from the past, and strive to bring the vintage style in our homes. Of course the popularity of vintage designs, both in fashion and interiors, is nothing new and so to really make a statement, you need to be original. The current buzzwords are ‘reuse’, ‘recycle’, ‘recreate’ so instead of buying mass-produced pieces from high-street stores and furniture outlets, try snapping up bargains from auctions and flea markets. Remember, just because something isn’t new doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous – the key is to enjoy the search and seek out special items that reflect your personality, tell a story or just make you smile.

Here are our top tips to achieving an individual vintage look in your home:

A homemade approach complements vintage styles perfectly. From candles to curtains, you can have a go at making pretty much anything. And the great thing is because you are able to choose your own materials and designs; whatever you create will be unique and tailored to your particular tastes and requirements. Of course some things are easier to make than others and the trick is to start small. For example try making your own cushion covers before attempting to completely reupholster the sofa. The best way to acquire a new skill is to learn from a professional. Look online for courses in your area, or check the local press for adverts.


If you don’t have the time or inclination to make your own furniture and accessories, visit craft fairs and markets to find handmade pieces produced by local crafts people. They will often be better quality than items found on the high-street and you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that you’ve got an original item whilst helping small producers.

Flea markets, bric-a-brac shops, auctions and car boot sales are all great places to find retro treasures at bargain prices. When searching for vintage pieces, the trick is to keep an open mind rather than looking for a particular item. Don’t disregard something just because it looks battered or is the wrong color. Quite often, second-hand pieces just need a clean, varnish or paint to give them a completely new lease of life.

One way to adapt vintage pieces and bring an original touch into your home is to think creatively about where to position particular items of furniture or accessories. Don’t assume that something designed for a specific purpose can’t be put to good use elsewhere in your home. For example, an old bookcase or chest of drawers could become a stylish storage unit in the bathroom. Or for a pretty dining room centrepiece, try filling vintage cake tins with water and floating candles.

Vintage styles never get old…

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