Indoor Olive Tree Makes Your Home More Attractive

Beautiful plants are always handy in our homes. They have so many uses not just as ornamental plants but as something that could be pleasing to our eyes. There are so many type of house plants to choose from. Some may be seasonal however which could be a waste of time and money. If you are planning to invest in plants as decorative plant ornaments in your interior design, look for plants that are both functional and do not go out of season not unless you live in a place where plants grow in any season.

Olive fruit trees are popular in many home gardens and have good success. You may try indoor olive tree – olive trees make great indoor house plants or patio plants too, they do very well by large windows or glass doors. Olive trees are self pollinating and will bear fruit even indoors or in pots.

This beautiful Mediterranean native is quite at home in your kitchen window, your sunroom, or any sun-drenched spot you choose.


If you are thinking of using indoor lighting to increase fruit production and growth over the winter months, then you have come to the right place. Remember, olive trees should not be positioned near heat vents or radiators. Find the right place for your olive tree – the sunnier the position, the better. A south or west-facing location with protection from north winds is preferable. Post diamond sheeting in corner or conservatory or grow room. This will focus the lights more directly towards the plants.

If you would like to move your indoor olive tree outdoors for the summer, wait until the danger of frost has passed in spring, then gradually acclimate your plant to conditions outside over a week’s time. Set the pot outdoors in a sheltered, lightly shaded spot, increasing the exposure to sun and wind each day. Check the moisture of the potting mix and water thoroughly if it’s dry. Once acclimated, keep your olive in full sun for the summer, and bring it back inside before frost in fall.

An olive tree is also a perfect tree for creating an olive tree bonsai. It is a fantastic thing to own a Bonsai olive tree. They are a fruiting tree and will provide you with Bonsai olives.

You may also try to use artificial olive tree that look as good as the real ones. They do not only look so real but they are also are plants that are do not eat so much time, effort and money. Fake outdoor plants are made of synthetic plastic that are reliable and functional. Unlike the old days, these plants do not look so shiny and fake. Artificial plants also do not require so much sunlight, water, and soil. They are also UV protected, meaning to say that they could be placed under direct heat of sunlight without having to worry of damage and discoloration.









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