Interior Design Trends 2014

Interior design trends 2014 is a wonderful way to really accentuate a space’s strengths, hide its flaws, and produce a welcoming and hip living space for everyone. If you are considering about redoing your home or your workplace, you require to take the time to really consider your choices and actual interior trends 2014.

Because every home style has its own beauty and it is just a matter of personal taste, you can choose the modern interior design (with minimalist approach) or traditional interiors (with the bohemian charm of the old world).

Ancient & artistic furniture. The main aspects of the new furniture trends in 2014 that are going to be found in the coming year are reviving the past, leaving traditions and being unique. Most of the features that were found in old ages such as Egyptian, Roman and Greek ages will come back again to us to be found in our homes and this appears in paintings or can be carved in different pieces of furniture.


For luxurious look of your home choose some gilded, carved frames for mirrors, sheepskin rugs over polished hardwood floors, office chairs with suede seats, and soft fabrics on chrome-legged furniture. Geometric and floral patterns are in for soft home accessories such as drapes, throw rugs, table linens and cushions.

Also, the pieces of furniture that are going to be used in the next year will be large in their size and heavy in their weight. Otherwise, if you prefer minimalist home style, minimalist and ergonomic furniture provide comfort and declutter large sections of any room.

Mediterranean interior design trend is a modern trend often used for creating a relaxing and comfortable style. It is also very elegant and creates a stress-free atmosphere. It combines natural fabrics with natural colors, earthy and pastel ones, that transpose you into a peaceful and pleasant place.

Modern apartments and small homes call for multifunctional modern interiors in 2014. People want to decorate their rooms so that they’ll still be functional yet attractive. This type of interior design brings a lot of innovative solutions for your small living space.

Asian trend is all about creating a Zen space that is simple and relaxing. You can create this great ambiance by buying paper lanterns, which are great inexpensive items that will make your home look lovely. Some home decor ideas that define this lovely home interior are the floral wallpaper patterns and bird images, dark wood furniture, paper lamp shades or silk tapestry.

Color trends 2014. The hottest trend color for interior design 2014 will be Placid Blue, a soft and inviting pastel #15-3920, according to the color trend experts at Pantone. In home design, blues will be seen in fabrics, lighting, wall colors, lacquered finishes and much more. In additional, they will make glamorous statements in focal piece chandeliers and rugs. Placid blue fabrics can be matched easily with complementary colors such as yellow and white.

Other color trend 2014 is yellow in your home decor. There are so many amazing yellows in decorating trends for 2014. If it’s time for a decorating shake-up, yellow could be your color. It looks good with other palettes and really shines when you play with it.

Warm browns come back into play as we move into 2014. Warm brown tones mix beautifully with tones of pink, coral, aqua , orange and of course black and/or white.

Some popular colors for interiors 2014 are subdued yellows and darker reds, teal blue and khaki. If more than one color will be used for a space, it should be best paired with a ‘natural’ color such as the Pantone 2014 spring hues of sand, taupe, and water or sky blues.











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