Irina Neacsu’s Cartoon Chairs

Irina Neacsu is a Romanian designer with a wide portfolio of interior architecture, product design and art projects, focusing on textile and color for personalized fun spaces. The craft LAB’ was born in 2010, as a brand of unique handmade design for seats and upholstery. The designs created by Irina Neacsu under the brand thecraftlab are available in 2 categories: collection (unique hand made chairs), and series (upholstery with print after original illustration by Irina Neacsu).

Irina Neacsu created beautiful cartoon chairs with unique, pretty little faces on their backs to make you smile every time you sit. The collection was launched at the Cote Deco section of the world-famous Parisian event Maison & Objet.

Irina’s each character is manually personalized through already known textile mixes and techniques that distinuish the brand. These eye-catching chairs, together or apart, are a quirky highlight to any room – immediately drawing your attention. All chairs are in the first grade and quality can be purchased and ordered by the elements on any individuals, but Irina while maintaining the unique character by the designer.






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  1. interior designs ideas says:

    This is one of the accessories that are able to give their own colors in the room. As these chairs look good when it is located in the room to relax and looks unique because it has pictures like people’s faces and this is something unique

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