Kitchen Decorating For Christmas

Kitchen Decorating For Christmas – Most people spend a lot of time decorating their home for the holidays, but when it comes to the kitchen many are at a loss as to how to spruce it up for Christmas. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways that you can get your kitchen into the holiday spirit.

One thing that adds a lot to the kitchen at any time of year is to decorate above the cabinets. If you have a space between the tops of your cabinets and the ceiling, then you have a great place decorate! For Christmas, you can put up some garland or greenery.


Maybe add some red bows or ornaments and little white lights for the season. If you already have decorations up there, you can work around those or go all out by replacing what you currently have up there with Santa’s, trees and other holiday decorations.


You might already give your kitchen table a festive look by putting a holiday centerpiece in the middle, but why stop there? If your table is big enough, you can put a small tree on it! Maybe one of those quaint Victorian bottle brush trees would look neat? Just something about 2 or 3 feet tall and not so wide that it takes up the whole table.


Of course, you’ll want to complete the look by leaving your table set with a Christmas theme dishes, placemats, glasses and silverware. Just leave it setup all during the holidays and it will add a great festive look to your table. If you are on a budget, shop at your local consignment store, thrift store, or flea market for holiday themed tableware.


Another way to dress up your table is to give it a great Christmas tablecloth. If you are really ambitious, you can even make or buy matching slipcovers for the chairs. Even non-upholstered chairs can be made to look cozier with fabric slip covers that slip over the backs. Some cover the seat and whole chair while others are made to only cover and decorate the back.


Another place you can add some Christmas d├ęcor is around the windows. You can drape garland or greenery over your valances or tops of your curtains and put Christmas candles in the window. You can even buy fake snow for the panes. One little touch that looks great is to take a nice piece of ribbon and hang an ornament in each of the windows.



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