Kitchen Extensions Worktops

Variety of kitchen extensions worktops in different materials such as glass, granite, laminate and wood are available. These materials will gel with your flooring design and wall colors and they are extremely durable. Worktops are the important essentials in kitchen designs.

Wooden kitchen extensions are comfortable in conventional and contemporary styles. Oak, Beech, Wenge, Iroko, European or African Walnut woods material suits any kitchen style. As wood is a porous material, liquid spillages should be wiped immediately to avoid any absorption. And the wood surface to be clean and kept dry. Use a cutting board for vegetable or meat chop.


Quartz kitchen extensions worktops are strong and durable after repeated cleaning. And no crack or chip had shown with heavy usage. This surface does not absorb the spilled liquid or wastage. Long term warranty has given on this product. Warm water and mild detergent can be used to clean the non-porous, scratch resistant composite stone. A non-scratchy pad cleaner will remove the spilled food items or stains. These worktops are heat resistant. We need to place the hot pots and pans under a pad. Avoid using strong chemicals and high alkaline products on worktops.


Glass splashbacks. Plenty of color combinations are possible in glass splashbacks kitchen extensions. The privileged customers can create a bespoke finish for their modern kitchen with illumination. These extensions are sturdy and hygienic. These worktops are made and fixed in the kitchen as per the client’s required measurements. The engineer will visit the client home to take the exact measurement to give an exclusive fitting and polishing service. These glass splashbacks worktops hold the temperatures up to 400°C.

Granite kitchen extension creates modern-day attractive as well as conventional, either a small flat or huge country home. Their installation team completes the work with elegance. Easy to clean and maintain.


Corian kitchen worktop has an extensive range of exciting colors with amazing design. Corian is a flexible material can be used for surfaces, counters and sinks in the kitchen area. And it has been composed from a sole blend of acrylic polymer and natural minerals. Corian material is glossy, germ-free and non-porous. This plastic material can be molded into many outlines such as arch and straight lines. Corian material is transparent and can be lit from behind. This product is available in many colors. This product has been used extensively in food counters and health care areas also.

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