Kitchen Update: 4 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen

Bored with your kitchen? Want to know what you can do to upgrade that space and make it seem new again? One way to make that happen is by installing new lighting. However, changing one lighting scheme to another involves more than tossing over that modern light bulb for a new set of classical downlights.


Design for use

Your kitchen is one of the busiest areas in your home. calls it, in Lighting Tips for Every Room, “a gathering spot.” From meal preparation to cleanup, it’s one space that traditionally sees a lot of action, design-wise. Does that mean you’ll have to put in a lot of different lights in that space? Where do you start?

In an article posted on, Kitchen Lighting Design Tips, the author notes how ceiling lights, with standard designs that often allow for greaterdownward illumination, are a perfect fit for kitchens.

It’s necessary for those times when you prepare a meal as well as for theinevitable clean up afterwards. And it’s ideal, too, for those afternoons and nights when you find your kids doing their homework on the kitchen table. Also, kitchen ceiling lights work great in providing overhead lighting for when you take your meals, whether it’s a table for one or twenty.


Function plus form

Knowing what you actively use your kitchen for helps you in determining your lighting choices. With, ceiling lights, you get downward light that’s crucial and helpful for many of your usual activities and tasks. That’s seamless and convenient functionality.

It shouldn’t stop there, though. If you’re thinking of an upgrade, functionality shouldn’t be the only thing on your list. Aesthetics matter too. Picking out your ceiling lights also involves choosing the style, effect, vibe or look you want. A good strong light from an ugly light source definitely takes something away from your kitchen, whether it’s ambiance that put-together vibe of the place, or balance.


Ceiling light effects

By paying attention to the design, installing new lights doesn’t just mean better lighting for you. It’s also one way for you to improve on your kitchen’s looks.

Do you pick out a central color for that space or try your hand at a little mix and match?Here are four ways different kitchen ceiling light schemes can refresh that space in the best way.

  1. Fresh vibe

If you’ve always gone for fluorescent lighting in your kitchen, then you’ll be in for quite a treat with ceiling lights. From pendant lights to chandeliers and multi, mini lights, you’ve got a ton of types to choose from. Whatever you go for though is sure going to give your kitchen a great new look. Take note of the size too. Large ceiling lights will work best on a long table while small, round pendant lights are better for small, round tables.

  1. Live with art

With the way a lot of kitchen lights are designed, you can pick one out and put it over the center of the table as a central piece of art. Always loved classical designs? Or maybe you want something that’s more art deco? Do you want something modern or traditional? Are you a fan of the sleek and sophisticated or big and bold?Kitchen ceiling light choices from industry names like Lumens offer you so many possibilities. You can go traditional, romantic and even edgy in that space, just by your choice of lights.

  1. Create mood

Among the many great advantages of downlights are the shadows, the contrast. Because the light is directed downward, it also casts stronger shadows around. If you like dramatic lighting, especially for intimate and cozy meals, you can choose ceiling lights that give out a soft, warm glow. Drum pendants, which often come with diffusers, work great for this. So do bowl pendants. Mini pendants also cast soft, inviting light so if you want more of that in your kitchen, pick out several. These are also wonderful as accent lights, which often work by highlighting or spotlighting an area in your kitchen. These are usually found over the island counter or the sink.

  1. Add space

In an article on the How to Create the Perfect Kitchen Lighting, the author mentions how you can enlarge a space by using spotlights that direct the flow of light towards the walls or cupboards. This makes the light bounce back into the room and makes for a brighter, more spacious space, illusion-wise. It works wonders for small, compact kitchens. You can go from cramped to cozy and intimate in no time.

So start picking out those lights. Put them over the sink, the countertop or table. With the right kitchen lights, you’llfinally succeed in bringing back some color, drama and fun into your kitchen. It’ll never have to be that boring, old space again.

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