Lamps And Lamp Shades

Lamps are an important part of any décor plan. The right lamp can help provide light in a room as well add a well needed decorative element. The type of lamp that is right for any room depends on multiple factors including the kind of natural light the room gets as well as any existing color scheme the owner of the room has chosen.

One of the most important parts of any lamp is the lamp shade used. Most lamps have a lamp shade. The lamp shade is designed to several purposes. These include the need to protect the light bulb or light bulbs in the lamp as well as the need to help reduce the often harsh effects of light bulbs in a room.


When looking at lamps, it is important to take the lamp shade on the lamp into consideration. In general, lamp shades can be divided into two types. These two types are fabric and glass. Each type of lamp shade has a specific use. The type of lamp shade that may be appropriate for the person’s should be carefully considered.

A glass lamp shade can make a lovely focal point for any room, especially if done in specific colors of glass and patterns. Glass shades are easy to care for, often requiring only a quick scrub with a soft, damp cloth one in a while to remain in good shape. They can add an element of naturalism to any room. A glass shade can also be a work of art, illustrating the maker’s skill with glass and eye for an interplay of color and light in a single space.

Fabric lamp shades are also quite common found in many areas and many homes. A fabric lamp shade may be composed of many types of fabric. In general, lamp shades are fashioned from fabric that an opaque component that allows the light underneath to shine through. One can find fabric lamp shades in fabrics such as cotton and linen. Most fabric lamp shades will have an underlying structure beneath the fabric. This is done to give shape to the lamp and allow the fabric to avoid touching the often hot light bulb underneath the shade. In many instances, the metal underneath the shade will be nearly as elaborate and carefully thought out as the rest of the lamp.

Each type of lamp shade can provide an excellent way to create the look wanted in a room. A brightly colored lamp shade is one way to add an instant splash of color. A softer shade, one composed of white or other neutral colors and materials is often ideal in a home where relaxation is important.





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