Large Balcony Design Ideas

Large balconies are a rare treat that can make you the envy of your neighbors and cause friends to visit you with alarming regularity. The more nicely you keep the balcony, the more relax you will feel while sitting in this place.

If you have a large balcony, you can go all out on its design and landscaping because you don’t need to worry about the space. However, don’t overdo it too much that it will end up looking congested and not beautiful.

– You can have larger outdoor fountains, however, its size still depends on how big your balcony is.

– You can also apply the idea of tables and chairs mentioned previously in the tip above, but you don’t have to limit yourself to small sizes.


– Since your balcony is large, don’t buy too many outdoor rugs. You may only opt for at two at the most – one for the tables and chairs to rest on and the other you can place in front of the entrance door to the interior of your residence. Again, as previously mentioned, you have to make sure that the colors of the outdoor rugs you choose go well with the colors of the rest of your house.


– Set up a garden barbecue on your large balcony. These can usually be bought from furniture and hardware stores and are a wonderful way to entertain family and friends. Check if you have permission to install a barbecue with your building authority because barbecues can be a fire hazard.


– The advantage in having a spacious balcony is you can have larger plants and flowers. Balconies look great when decorated with flowers and plants. You can go for hanging flower baskets, creepers. Plants and flowers are an easy way of decorating balconies since they don’t occupy much space and still enhances the beauty. Also, it creates a calm and peaceful environment. And of course, you can’t deny the mild fragnence of the flowers.


Once you’re done decorating, your balcony can even be your open-air lounge whenever you feel like having some fresh air. Fresh air is good for your health, and being able to have a beautiful, nature-friendly surrounding while getting fresh air is a bonus!




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