Linen Napkins: An Unique Dining Room Decor

Linen Napkins: An Unique Dining Room Decor – In a world that has become dominated by cheap fast food chains, we’ve begun a revolution to reclaim dinner, the dining room table, real plates, real silverware, real napkins and other real dining room accessories. Say so long to the coffee table at dinnertime and hello to stylish and functional dining room decor! Everyone is looking for new ways to go green and find eco-friendly living solutions; paper towels and paper napkins are out, linen napkins are in.

Additionally, by moving dinner away from the TV and to the dining room table, our families are getting in quality conversations, which helps parents get to know the lives of their children a little better while also reducing the risk of wanting to stay glued to the TV for long hours after dinner.

Dining room decor is important in making this room a welcoming and fun environment for the whole family and friends. Because we are spending more time here, we are now seeing more use of colorful and stylish tablecloths topped by table runners, placemats, and yes, linen napkins!


100% natural linen napkins add a vintage feel to your dining table; £25.95 finch & crane.

Linen napkins are so highly absorbent that you would go through more non-attractive paper towels than you would one beautiful linen napkin for a messy child.

Linen napkins are statement to fine dining, and not only do they convey importance in dinner, they are really more practical for spills and softer to the skin for meat sauce covered mouths.


Set Of Four Linen Striped Napkins by Country Touches

Linen napkins are super eco-friendly. The process of making linen from flax is generally an organic, soil safe practice. The best part is that you would never throw away a linen napkin, and they last for many years, if not decades, if not centuries. With the stain fighting, environmentally friendly detergents we have now, all we have to do is pop the cloth napkins into the washer and they are as good as new even if they were colored with sauce.

Since you won’t need to buy as many linen napkins as you will inevitably go through paper towels, one family set of linen napkins will pay for itself in just a few sets of paper towels or decorative paper napkins, and will continue to reward you this way during their lifetime.


Inspired by the rustic linens of Tuscany, this beautiful washed linen is perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere in your kitchen or dining room; Inchyra Linens, UK




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