Living In The Tiny House: Trend 2016

Living In The Tiny House: Trend 2016 – Tiny houses. City apartments. Downsizing. Building tiny houses is starting to become one of the most popular ideas for housing in 2016. For some, the obvious reasons are: they consume less space and they are also much more affordable. With those in mind, developers have started to consider building more and more tiny houses for this year. Not only are these homes super cool, but they offer owners freedom from mortgages, minimal maintenance, and a greener lifestyle.

Different tiny homes are built in different ways. Some are equipped with rainwater collection and solar panels. They are designed to live completely off the grid and can be parked just about anywhere you want.


Other tiny houses are built more traditionally, needing power and water hookups. They are better suited to dedicated plots of land or RV/mobile home parking.

Because your tiny house is going to be so small, you can make a lot of it out of recycled, re-purposed, and salvaged materials. In addition to making your house look cool and unique, it also saves that same amount of new materials from being made.


Heirloom tiny house

Many people today make the practical decision to live in a more intimate space, but smaller does not have to mean less luxurious. There are many exciting small space furniture solutions available. Choose from petite consoles and sideboards, small side tables, narrow bookcases, cozy chairs and loveseats. Pair your furniture with carefully curated wall art, accent pieces and lighting. With the right choices, a small living space can seem sumptuous, not cramped. If smaller pieces of decor are more your thing (pictures, throw pillows, rugs) the same thing applies here too.


Studiomama’s beach chalet is rustic yet modern, measuring 388 square feet with a living and dining area, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to redecorate a traditional home every year or two, a tiny house might be the best canvas for you. Even if you wanted to repaint the whole thing, it would be done in a single afternoon with just a can or two of paint.

Living in the tiny house you can stay tidier easier. This follows naturally from having to de-clutter to move in to a tiny home. You have less stuff, but everything actually goes somewhere. You’ll never let stuff pile up on the floor just because you don’t know where it goes or because that back closet is just too full. If you’re perpetually cluttered and untidy, this will be a great bonus to you because you can finally quit worrying about tidying before guests come over. Even if you let things get a little untidy, cleaning becomes much, much faster than before.

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