Lodge Décor For The Fall Season

Lodge Décor For The Fall Season – Many people love a rustic home décor. There is that warm, comfortable atmosphere it gives that just relaxes you and makes you feel pleased at home. If you also want to redecorate your home by giving it that lodge décor theme, you can easily do so – it doesn’t matter if you’re living in Montana or in New York. All you need is your creativity and some proper furniture and accessories, and you’ll have your very own lodge or country house sitting in the middle of the metropolis. Rustic in the old days used to mean ‘rickety and cheap’, but that sort of thinking is now gone. Lodge décor now find a place on the brink of being called sophisticated and trendy.

How to go about it? First, change your windows, your flooring, and your wall art. Windows are very important at changing the overall look and feel of a home. Try using canvas or cotton with tabbed tops, or a print fabric curtain. You can also use plain wooden blinds. And avoid getting those frilly, lacy curtains or valances. These will ruin the whole rustic lodge theme that you’re trying to achieve. Do throw in a few wildlife rugs for good measure.


What you put on your walls will also play a major role in changing the appearance and ambiance of your home. Colors are critical here. Get some earth tones for your paint or wallpaper on the double. Pastels, of course, are out of the questions. If you can, use split logs and chinking for a log cabin look, or just go with paint. Don’t forget wall art and accessories. They make even the most unsightly walls look good and add a vital touch to the overall effect of your lodge décor. Find and use hunting prints, or even old dusty advertising signs, and stick them on the walls. They will give your home that additional campy atmosphere.

With regards to rustic furniture, you don’t have to go all out by filling your house with them. Adding a few pieces here and there will be enough; this will also make them stand out better. Add a few cushions or pillows to your seating furniture. Aside from giving them an additional level of comfort, it will serve as the element that connects the rustic pieces with the other furnishings in a room. As for matching the furniture with the lighting, it’s really not that important. Just include a variety of choice pieces, like a pinecone chandelier or a tree table lamp.

Accessories are essential in putting together the whole lodge décor theme. Be sure to select colors and designs that will match the look you want to achieve. Get some wooden bowls, bear napkin holders, and pinecone placemats for the kitchen. For the garden and patio, accents such as arbors, trellises, wooden chairs and benches work well in providing that campy feeling. Coat racks, mirrors, blankets and metal art can also be used in living rooms, powder rooms, and even bedrooms. And don’t forget the ubiquitous wall mounts, which can give your home that final, rustic touch.

You don’t have to live in a log cabin or a hunting lodge to enjoy the casual, comfortable atmosphere of rustic décor and furnishings. With the right furnishings and your creativity, you’ll achieve that homey look and charming appeal, whether you’re in a city apartment or in a country house.









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