Make Your Kitchen A Beautiful Place

Kitchen is the most important room where the health of the whole family is built. Discussions on the dinner table, a quick morning chat on the breakfast table and a quite tea time are all spent in the kitchen. All the celebrations are rooted on the kitchen and the delicious dishes prepared there. Thus the kitchen is an integral and very significant part of the healthy house.

When it comes to house renovation or quick fixing a few things to give the house a new look, loads and loads of ideas pour in regarding various parts of the house. But the kitchen is left behind either due to lack of ideas or just because they think its OK to stick to the old style. Here you can read how to make your kitchen a beautiful place:


Walls: The kitchen being so very important, it is necessary to make it look spacious and welcoming. The walls play a vital role in doing this job. The walls can be brought to life either by putting a vibrant color or if you wish, you can select a pleasant wallpaper. You can opt to paint it yourself and stick the wallpaper by yourself or ask for professional help.

Lighting: Kitchen should be well lit either by natural source or by electricity. Usually every kitchen is facilitated with at least one window opening on to a balcony or the backyard. Install some trendy kitchen handles and blinders that will enhance the look of these windows. When it comes to artificial lighting, distribute them evenly around the room both on ceiling and the walls. You can contrast the color of the lamp shades to add color to the room.


Storage: Kitchen probably has maximum number of things to store. Thus cabinets and shelves play a very vital role. You can get some shelves wall mounted or under the cooking area. Make sure the cabinet handles and drawer handles do not have sharp edges. By doing so, you increase the usable space in the kitchen.

Cookware: The vessels, jars, pots and pans used in the kitchen should basically serve two purposes. Firstly they have to be easy to cook and durable. Go for a material which is thick and retains heat for a long time. Also the pots should of such a material that can be used on gas, electric cook top and the microwave oven. Secondly you should select simple and elegant designs. This way you can cook and serve in the same pot.


Furniture: If your kitchen is big, then you can select a nice big dining table with finely crafted chairs. But if yours is a small kitchen, search for a foldable and easy to move table. Also consider having a small center area where 2-3 people can just sit and have coffee. It is a must to pick a couple of portable cabinets which can be adjusted according to your need of space. The cabinet handles should be made with durable material. Make sure you frequently clean the kitchen handles and keep them covered if not in use.

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