Mix Of Masculine And Feminine Tastes In Interior Design

Mix Of Masculine And Feminine Tastes In Interior Design – When embarking on a combined interior design project, couples must enter with caution. It is common knowledge that masculine and female tastes in decor are frequently worlds apart.

Men are more often linked to darker palettes, minimalist styles, clutter-free surfaces and simple but practical pieces of furniture. Women are a little more adventurous; opting for contrasting textures and finishes, combining unique and interesting pieces of furniture and accessories, adding elegant accessories, photographs and floral displays and choosing soft, delicate color schemes to promote calm and relaxation.

Contrasting styles needn’t be an obstacle; it can be viewed as a coming together of two unique styles. Combining your already owned items could be difficult but careful planning and delegation to specific rooms will eradicate and overcome such issues. To integrate both styles into one home will require compromise but there are a few pieces of advice which will aid the smooth running of the process.


When choosing furniture together, keep in mind the common styles men swerve towards: practical, sturdy and not always the most aesthetically-pleasing pieces. Women tend to select stylish pieces over comfort (although comfort is still important). This choice needs to keep most tastes in mind (furniture is probably the most important part of a room), so choose well-designed pieces that are functional which don’t look too bulky. Compromise is vital here! Furniture will pull the ‘look’ of a room together, so it’s imperative that the furniture is pleasing to all parties and also works well within the room set.


VF Apartment By Studio RO+CA, Rua Farme de Amoedo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The selection of the color scheme of a room for a couple can be a breaking point. Men will tend to select muted tones, think taupes, chocolate browns, tans; whilst women naturally, opt for more colorful tones such as pastels, bright charismatic colors and bold prints. Differing color schemes can be combined; however, a taupe base color with a statement aqua blue wall would be striking. Use of neutral painted walls combined with wallpaper (and separated at the half way point on the wall with a nice wooden rail). Color can also be incorporated into a neutral color scheme through accessories: throws, cushions, curtains etc.


Designing with a neutral color palette

Some might find the notion of couples interior design daunting but it can actually be quite enjoyable and an opportunity to spend time together. Building your home with your other half can be a stressful project to embark on but if patience and compromise are applied liberally, the formula could result in a fantastic end product.



Studio apartment in Moscow, Russia by INT2 architecture


Spaced design and photography by Peter Fehrentz

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