Moderate Luxury – Home Decor Trend In 2015

Moderate Luxury – Home Decor Trend In 2015 – Take the elegance of a grand Victorian home, strip away the fussy details, and you have something that resembles the new look for living in the next year. Home furnishing and decor trends for 2015 focus on moderate luxury, a combination of sumptuous fabrics and finishes with clean-lined design.

The predominant color palette is anything but timid. Blue always has a place in the home, but this year’s top shade is a vibrant Greek blue that evokes Mediterranean waters. Use it as an accent color in accessories or as part of a print in your window treatments to freshen neutral decor.


Shades of purple and lavender remain popular for spring, but last season’s orchid accents take on new warmth when paired with sunny yellows and mellow, pink-touched oranges such as cantaloupe or mango. Even neutrals have more color, often veering into warm French gray or cool, blue-tinged Payne’s gray instead of a pure tone.


Fabrics with a plush feel and easy upkeep are a big part of modern design in more formal living room furniture, and family room furniture takes that trend to the next step with plenty of texture on throw pillows. Dining room furniture that’s comfortable encourages guests to stay and chat over coffee, and tables expand to fit more place settings.


Bedrooms have transformed into tranquil retreats or imaginative, multi-use spaces. The standard bed and night stands are now accompanied by a table and chaise for evening reading, expansive dressing areas and vanities. Older homes were built with parlors or living rooms where guests would spend their time, but modern homes welcome visitors into almost every room. Bedrooms are one of the few places that remain an inner sanctum for family members, and they’re the perfect place to express your individual style.

Whether you want to give your home a total makeover after the holidays or just want to freshen a few rooms with newly moderate luxury, an interior decorator can help you realize your design dreams.





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