Modern Cabin Decor Ideas

Modern Cabin Decor Ideas – The words ‘cabin decor’ bring to mind a scarcely decorated room crafted from wood, often with exposed beams, a fireplace, and traces of snow tracked in from the outdoors, where there is nothing but snow covered trees for about as far as the eye can see. However, modern cabin decor can include the feeling of a down home cabin in the middle of woods with all of the modern conveniences of home and a street lined with trees and neighbors outside (snow optional).

The popularity of modern cabin decor is growing rapidly throughout small towns and cities throughout the United States. People want the feeling of home and simplicity that cabin replicas bring into their lives.


The walls and interior spaces of a home decked out in the cabin’s best style includes wall decorations that are mild and brave. Several walls are likely to be devoted to large wall hangings or interesting blankets and quilts. Other walls might be spared for their simple earthy design and can lend to the decor best if left bare. Round mirrors are most suited to the cabin look. The use of round mirror to accomplish the basic cabin decor can finalize either a regular wall or become the staple functional decoration in the bathroom or bedroom.


After all, round mirrors can be readily equated to simplicity, quaint gentleness, and ease of appearance, subtly suggesting that there are better things to do with your time than gaze at yourself. Round mirrors are almost port hole like, lending themselves the general idea of cabin lifestyles with their basic structure. It’s almost odd, the difference something as simple as the shape of a mirror can add or detract when considering decorating tips.


When deciding on your basic cabin decor remember that tradition can blend well with the modern. You don’t have to tear down your walls and replace them all with bare wood. Showing some wood will certainly add to the ambiance, but it can be well blended with some textured walls, and regular hardwood floors. You don’t need to have splinters for authenticity.


Using varying wood types for the furnishings, and using fine wood types for the furnishings, creates a sweet look that can be added to and detracted from as needed. Using a fine oak desk with a roll away table top can just as easily hide modern technology while keeping it readily accessible. Using a teak armoire to hide the television when it is not in use presents the look of a rustic cabin while blending the realities of modern living into the home. Balancing the look with the modern isn’t as hard as it seems. It simply requires a dedicated eye toward furniture craftsmen who understand the need that melts with the desire.

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