Nature Inspired Kitchen Decor

Nature Inspired Kitchen Decor – If you are looking for a theme for your kitchen, consider using nature as your inspiration. You have a wide range of possibilities including animals, fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Although these themes are popular in country kitchens, some will work with modern, traditional, or retro kitchens, too.

Animal’s themes are extremely popular as nature inspired kitchen decor. Birds can be a great choice since our feathered friends can be very colorful, or you can choose one species of a specific color such as the cardinal if you want red accents. Roosters or owls can sport many colors on one bird which can be great to pick up other hues in your room such as cabinets or counters.


Cows are great for country-themed kitchens, and black and white bovines can look exceptionally well with a black and white kitchen. Deer decor can look awesome in hunting lodges and rustic kitchen.


Fruit is another good choice. Red apples and strawberries work well for red accents. Green apples or pears are nice for kitchens in coordinating greens and browns. Tuscany grapes are wonderful if you want to inject purple or burgundy into your kitchen. If want lots of color or are trying to tie together many hues, consider motifs with mixed fruits.

Flowers can be another way to bring nature into your home. Sunflowers are a favorite with their bright yellow and brown coloration. Roses in varying hues are also attractive. For even more color options, go with accessories featuring mixed bouquets or several flowers in differing shades.


Vegetables are another nature inspired kitchen decor possibility. Red chili peppers are in vogue right now, especially if you have a southwestern-themed home. Scenes featuring several different vegetables are good to bring in a multitude of bright colors. Yellow corn is a good selection for golden accents or if you have browns and orange tones, Indian corn could coordinate nicely.

Trees are another option to consider. For hotter climates or if you just want to feel warm, try palm tree patterns. Pine trees could be a nice touch for a mountain-top retreat. If you decorate your kitchen for the holidays, patterns featuring Christmas trees would be pretty.


Marine motifs could be great for homes near bodies of water or if you are a fish lover. Tropical fish accessories can inject lots of color into your kitchen. Another popular idea, although not strictly nature-related, is lighthouses. Many of these scenes are by the sea and include marine life such as starfish.

Mountains can offer many color possibilities. Those covered in trees would look good with greens and browns. Others may be covered in various flowers and plants in varying shades. Rocky mountains can have many hues depending on how lighting and color is used in the scene.

Nature can be a great theme to use for your kitchen decor. With unlimited color possibilities and a multitude of different looks, one of these motifs will provide the perfect decorating accents for your kitchen.







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