Organic Materials In Interior Design

Creating interior design which uses organic materials and maximizing the use of natural resources like light and natural ventilation is said to be popular in the future. Its concern with the functionality and style which focuses in minimalism and contemporary themes will definitely catch the attention of more people in the next few years or decades. Retaining the main goal of interior designing which is to make a space more comfortable and stylish, eco-friendly designs gives respect to the environment. According to surveys, almost 80% of the world population wants to live in an environment which is closer to nature.

There are even communities today which mimic a natural habitat with a lot of trees and ponds. People want to breathe fresh air and most of them already demand for natural source of light which is the main goals of these communities.


If you want to use organic materials in interior design and if you want to design the interior of your house in a way that you don’t want to contribute to the damage in the environment, there are a lot of simple ways to do that. You can start with the paint. Choose paints that are non-toxic to the environment. There are brands that sell paint products that does not include chemicals which are can do harm in the air and in your health, as well. The only downside of these odorless paints is that they cost more than the traditional ones so the people who are in a tight budget are not in favor of using them. If you are using wallpapers instead of paint, you can choose those that have organic and water-based materials. The paper that is used with these organic wallpapers came from trees which are grown specifically for this purpose so you won’t have that guilt feeling that you contribute to the loss of many trees.


For your flooring, instead of using carpets which uses inhalants that are very toxic and remain for a very long time, you can just use cork made floorings or stones, glass tiles, woods and bamboo which promotes proper ventilation around your home. You can also use recycled materials so let loose your creative side. However, if you insist on using carpets, you can try using the modular ones. Modular carpets look like the real thing except that it is made up of series of tiles which are held on the floor with a non-toxic adhesive. It is very convenient to use because you can recycle it repeatedly when it got stained so it is very nature friendly.

There are a lot more ways in which you can incorporate eco-friendliness to your interior design, all you have to do is to open your mind for more possibilities and stop patronizing products that causes harm to our planet.






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