Organizing A Storage Space In Small Apartments

Only a few lucky ones can boast lives in a gorgeous square footage, but as for most mortals is impossible, it is not surprising that architects pay more attention to the solutions that could save some space. Life in the small space requires a certain discipline and meaningfulness.

Lack of space for storage usually is the biggest problem in our little apartment, and solutions often found in terrace space, but it becomes unsightly storage and it isn’t a good solution. And what with apartments who do not have a terrace? We try to find the couple simply advice how to small space make it bigger and more functional living space without feeling overcrowded.

You need to be decisive. Do not keep old shoes and cloth just for sentimental reasons. Solve the old stuff like figurines and vases that are not in use or not displayed in your cabinets. Keep only what is valuable.


Your small apartment does not detract from the comfort and quality of life if well organize available space. Look at the available free space (closets, cabinets), and how you can store your stuff.

Built-in wardrobes are the simplest solution in home furnishing. They are inconspicuous in the area, because we only see the front surface of them unlike ordinary closet. Most built-in closet is made by measure. So you are able to design all shelves at your own will and needs.

storage2 staircase-storage

The area under the bed is usually also used to store goods. Suitcases or cardboard can be directly inserted into it.Drawers in the bed, or rather, the entire box under the mattress are very useful when we want to dispose of bed linens, towels, or maybe some big things like suitcases and bags.

The space under the stairs can be used in so many ways. This space can be used as a library, shoe storage or multipurpose cabinet, and even as a wine cellar.


If you are looking for convenient storage in the living room or anywhere else in the home, buy a footstool. Footstool with storage is a multipurpose piece of furniture, and in addition to its basic functions, it can serve as a coffee table, an extension of chairs for comfortable seating, even for storage of smaller items.

footstool1 footstool2






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