Upcoming Spring In Green Tones

Upcoming Spring In Green Tones – Spring is an ideal time to consider green, not least because it is reflected in every budding flower and blade of grass, but there’s also the thought that a green room will bring luck—decidedly the case for a few shamrock shades. Green color symbolize nature, ecology, health and known to be calming and relaxing which will create a healing force. The use of shades of green is a response to the ‘nature deficit’ to replenish, nourish and energize our minds. Continue Reading

Tropical Prints: Interior Trend 2018

Tropical Prints: Interior Trend 2018 – Tropical prints are still in trend for spring/summer 2018! But this year, we will see a focus on tropical prints with dark, jungle-esque backgrounds, and leaf prints in their true, deep green colors. Almost anything that is typical of the sun, sea and sand can inject that tranquil feeling of being on a perfect beach and being soothed by swaying palm trees or an ebbing ocean. Continue Reading

Makeover A Living Room With A Victorian Style

Makeover A Living Room With A Victorian Style – Victorian decorating is considered one of the most inticate of all the different interior decorating styles that you can choose from. The reason for this is because the colors, fabrics, furniture and decorations are all elaborate and full.

Victorian decorating is based on the period during the 19th century in jolly old England. So, the more authentic you want your Victorian room to be, you can expect that the furnishings and other decorative items can be quite expensive. Continue Reading

Fireplace Mantels Improve Your Interior Design

Fireplace Mantels Improve Your Interior Design – Fireplace mantels can make or break the interior design of a room whether you use your fireplace or not. Because a fireplace takes up a large section of a wall or dominate a corner, they naturally draw the eye when you first walk into a room. Go for the “cool” factor by incorporating a great design or material in your fireplace mantel.

Most people perceive fireplace mantels as those shelves that extend out beyond the firebox. However, a mantel can encompass not only an ornamental framing around the firebox, but also the facing which makes up the outside of the fireplace “wall”. If your fireplace has a mantel shelf, the panel or area above it can also be construed as part of the mantel as well. Continue Reading