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Decorating With Apothecary Jars & Bottles

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How To Create A Cozy Christmas Sitting Room

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Summer Christmas Decorating

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Watercolor Pattern In Interior Design

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Goggle Desk For Unique Office Look

Goggle Desk For Unique Office Look

Goggle Desk, the joint work of Danny Venlet and Babini, this type of furniture extends with an impressive size, thicknesses and shiny varnishing characterize his area emphasizing the curvilinear design of the product that combine Italian charm for both functionality and elegance.

The Goggle Desk is a sculptural object that is meant to be inside an office or room. It can stand on its own and impresses viewers. It seems something that fits in both modern and more classic interiors.

Greek Flokati Rugs

Greek Flokati Rugs

Just like Persian and many other rugs, Flokati area rugs also have a story to tell. According to history, they were first used as clothing to protect the outdoor people of ancient Greece namely, warriors, shepherds and travelers from the harsh winter weather. They were later on developed as a home decoration, the perfect floor covering to warm homes during the winter months and to cool in the summer season. These rugs were also used as gifts of women for their prospective husbands. Up to this day, the Flokati has retained it’s impeccable reputation and quality as first-class.

Traditional Greek Flokati are rugs made from 100% wool. Many Flokati rugs are still made in Greece and are made by hand by knotting wool through a stout backing material (sometimes woven wool). And if you are lucky, then you might just find yourself one that has been put through the ancient water ripening technique.

Chic Atmosphere With Bathroom Mirrors

Chic Atmosphere With Bathroom Mirrors

One of the most important rooms in the home is the bathroom. This little area is so important that a well groomed bath can increase the value of a house. Little bathroom accessories mean a lot in this space. That’s why every purchase, including bathroom mirrors, is significant for this area.

Basic medicine cabinet mirror

Bathroom mirrors come in many shapes and forms. Classically, we have seen rectangular plain designs that hide the contents of the medicine cabinet. This well worn design is fine but you may want to consider adding a little more pizzazz to your bath. Today’s bathroom mirrors go far beyond their utilitarian function.

Decorating Room With A Giant Wall Clock

Decorating Room With A Giant Wall Clock

Interior decorators still give a lot of value to big clocks while doing up rooms. A living room somehow looks incomplete without a big clock in it even though in this age clocks are losing their value as everyone always carries their own time. But ask an interior decorator and they will most often come with some idea to add a giant wall clock of some kind while doing the décor for a room.

A giant wall clock can look very classy in a living room. People who have a penchant for the ‘retro’ often use a grandfather clock in their living rooms. These grandfather clocks are of great value as antique pieces. Antique houses sell grandfather clocks at high prices even now and they are quite in demand. If you go into the history of wall clocks, the oldest ones were the pendulum clocks which were certainly quite large.