Winter Landscaping Ideas For Your Garden

Winter landscaping may seem odd but there is a way to landscape your property to reduce fuel costs. And with the cost of fuel today you need every trick you can find.

You can reduce your fuel costs up to 40% if you plant windbreaks on north, east and west of your home when you live in a windy climate. On a very cold and still day, you are losing less heat than on a windy and equally cold day. And as your windbreaks mature your benefits will increase. Using trees and shrubs with low crowns make the best windbreaks. If you plant an evergreen in combination with a wall or natural berm it will “lift” the wind above the house. However don’t plant evergreens on the south side so that you can get warmth into your home from the sun.

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Modern Christmas Home Decorating

People love decorating their homes for Christmas holiday, but sometimes they want to move away from the traditional red and green decorations and take the home to the next level of home design.

Using white is a great way to achieve a modern look with your Christmas decorations. Decorate the tree with white balls, stars, tinsel, strings of white beads or crystals. Use white fairy lights to give a sprinkling of light to the look. Hang beads and crystals as shown in the photograph here, direct a halogen light to shine on it and you have created an amazing “sparkle” effect, just like iciles dripping water as they thaw.

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Top Bathroom Trends 2013

The bathroom trends 2013 are moving towards more modern, streamline designs. Creating simple, clean lines are in, making the heavy and chunky moldings of the past look outdated. The modern bathroom design 2013 is pleasing to the eye, yet also both functional and relaxing. There are a few trends that are perfect for changing the mood and feel of your space. The top bathroom design trends for 2013 are:

1. Natural light. People want bathrooms to be brighter and more sun-filled than ever before. From skylights to floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light is a hot trend for bathrooms in 2013. This is ideal for bathrooms that face natural scenery. Bringing in the outdoors to your bathroom helps emphasize that spa-like, personal retreat.

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Goggle Desk For Unique Office Look

Goggle Desk, the joint work of Danny Venlet and Babini, this type of furniture extends with an impressive size, thicknesses and shiny varnishing characterize his area emphasizing the curvilinear design of the product that combine Italian charm for both functionality and elegance.

The Goggle Desk is a sculptural object that is meant to be inside an office or room. It can stand on its own and impresses viewers. It seems something that fits in both modern and more classic interiors.

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