Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets

Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets – Paint is a remarkable way to change the look of old kitchen cabinets and may be the least expensive approach to sprucing up a kitchen. Most kitchen cabinets have finishes over the surfaces that require special preparation before applying paint, so consulting the staff at the paint store is a good first step in finding the right primers and finish coats.

If the cabinets are not properly prepared first, such as a light sanding with an oscillating tool equipped with a hook and loop pad accessory and 220-grit sandpaper, the paint is likely to chip off easily or not adhere at all.


‘Oops’ paint

One of the least expensive ways to paint cabinets is to get ‘oops’ paint from the paint store or home improvement store. This paint has been returned by customers because they had extra paint or the paint was incorrectly mixed. You will need the proper primer before using ‘oops’ paint on the kitchen cabinets and you need to determine how much finish color you want in order to buy enough of the paint to cover your cabinets.


Using stencils on primed and painted cabinets can enliven a kitchen. You can find stencils in hobby shops or big box stores with craft departments. Stencils come in hundreds of different designs and you can use a variety of different colors to complete the stencils. While painting designs on cabinets increases the amount of time it will take to redecorate your kitchen, you may enjoy the process as well as the result. Since you scrub your cabinets more frequently than other fixtures in the home, use decals with care since they may peel off or chip.

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Spatter paint

If you like free-form designs, consider using a spatter technique that adds color and design to your cabinets. If you choose spatter-painting techniques, you’ll need to cover the walls and floor of the kitchen carefully to keep the spatters confined to the cabinets. You can be subtle or bold using this technique. Spattering is also a good way to use up any leftover paint you have or friends and family may have that they want to put to good use.

Textured painting

Consider using sponges or fabrics to create interesting textures on cabinets. Unlike spattering, which may be random, you can create repetitive designs using wads of fabric like denim or burlap to smear the paint around while it’s still wet to develop individualized textures. Sponges come in different densities, cost little and accept paint easily. Old hairbrushes, combs or toothbrushes can also alter the look of kitchen cabinets.





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