Painting The Wood Fence

Painting The Wood Fence – Want to keep your wood fence looking good as new? Every day your fence is exposed to harsh sun rays and moisture that cause it to rot over time. The best way to protect your fence from these damaging elements is to paint a protective stain onto it. This will create a barrier that not only keeps your fence looking beautiful and new but also provides a sealant that will help it weather the storms. Here are some helpful tips to help you apply the protective paint and save your wood fence:

Waiting for the right moment

The first rule of painting fences is to wait for the right moment. Don’t paint your fence right after it has been built. Instead, allow it time to settle into its new environment, and allow the wood to open its pores so that the paint will sink in and be more effective.


No matter when you paint your fence, the best time of day is either in the morning or in the afternoon on an overcast day. Make sure you don’t paint your fence right after a big rain. Allow it to dry for 24 hours so that there is no moisture in the fence.

Picking the tools

Next, you’ve got to pick the right tools. If you’re going to paint with a brush, experts recommend that you pick one that is four or five inches wide. Rollers also work too, but make sure that you get a heavier one so that it’s easier to use. Before you buy your painting tools, make sure to test them out in the store. You want them to be high enough quality, but you also don’t want them to be so heavy that your hands and arms cramp up during the painting process.


Preparing for stain

Now, it’s time to prepare your fence. Make sure that your fence is clean and free of any dirt, mildew, or debris. This step won’t take long, but it’s crucial to the overall effectiveness of your stain. You can mix bleach and water to get a solution that will clean the fence. Then use the garden hose to spray the fence down. Just make sure that you allow the fence to completely dry when you are finished.

Applying the paint

Finally, it’s time to apply the protective stain. Dip your brush or roller into the paint and evenly coat the fence with it. Try to paint from the top of the fence post to the bottom so that you get a nice, even coat. Usually, a fence only needs one coat for protection.


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