Perfect Space To Live For Bachelor And Bachelorette

With more demands than ever before and the desire to juggle successful careers with busy social lives; the bachelorette pad has increasingly risen to prominence to rival the traditional male equivalent. Whilst bachelors have always been associated with their pads, striving bachelorettes also have strong ideas on how they want to have their homes designed. Although both design styles are distinct, all discerning bachelor and bachelorette pads have common elements: bespoke style, a unique personal feel and that essential touch of pizzazz.

Here are some useful hints and tips about the bachelor and bachelorette on what it takes to create the perfect space to live, work and entertain and the different techniques that appeal to both.


For the bachelorette, think bright splashes of color, bespoke furniture and soft textures. The modern day independent woman is career driven, and likes to entertain at home in the evenings surrounded by beautiful things, whether it is flower arrangements, stylish dining tables and chairs and intricate chandeliers, all of which creating an air of sophistication and simple luxury.


The bachelorette will pay close attention to detail; whether fun and flirty or rich and refined, elements of her character will shine throughout her home.


She will use her home as a blank canvas for textures and furnishings that reflect her personality and display mementos that have a personal significance on walls and mantelpieces. The bedrooms should be elegant and comfortable, with crisp linens, subtle lighting, an array of pillows and throws and the all-important walk in wardrobe. A light and airy kitchen is also vital; it should be a space to host and entertain whilst cooking, appliances and surfaces should be modern and easy to use and reflect their owners’ characters.


The bachelor often approaches their interior design with the view to creating a contemporary or easily maintained surrounding, preferring the hassle-free, easy to clean option with uncluttered rooms and statement accessories and decorations. However, that is not to say they don’t have stylish living spaces. Comfortable reclining chairs, large modern sofas and funky side tables help create a sense of opulence and conviviality without the fuss.


Like the bachelorette pad, the bachelor pad will also have a distinct style, often with a larger living room, wood floors, minimalist furnishings and the latest state of the art gadgets such as a large plasma television. The lighting can be surprisingly effective with under-cabinet lighting or modern light fixtures which look great particularly when entertaining in the evenings. Avantgarde artworks casually displayed on large white walls create a focal point for the room and draw attention.


Study rooms or cigar lounges are often the perfect place to mix business and pleasure with a group of close friends. If you’re lucky enough to have one, introduce dark wood-panelling, sleep-in-your-seat armchairs to fully unwind and a selection of trinkets and photographs dotted around the round which reflect your hobbies and lifestyle, whether it be a backgammon board or model plane. (Read also: Bachelor’s bedroom ideas)


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