Personalize Your Own Curtain Design

We usually tend to buy home interiors one by one like the tea-table, curtains, sofa cushions etc. We will have different interior designs under one roof and sometimes they don’t go well. So it is necessary to add our personal touch to the home decor like creating a theme. This way the room will look appealing.

Bedroom curtains. It is time to give a new look to your bedroom curtains. Take cheap curtain of any color like indigo, black or silver. The low price ready made curtains come in all sizes so pick a little shorter curtain and stitch the vertical ends with light colored ribbons. You can also try some floral prints or fabric flowers stitched to them. This gives a romantic appeal to your bedroom curtains.

You can use your old cotton blankets for making valence. Try pleated valance with your vibrantly colored blanket and use it with plain voile curtains.


Kitchen curtains. At times, it is difficult to find curtains that fit the smaller window size especially in kitchen. So let us start from here. Choose a color for your kitchen curtains depending on the island, cabinet and the flooring of kitchen. All you need is the dish towels and the curtain rods. Take your unused dish towel and clip the curtain hooks on the top edge of the towels and place them on the café curtain rods. Here you go with the beautiful café curtains for your kitchen.


Living room curtains. String curtains are an excellent choice for living rooms. It is difficult to make string curtains but you can add your signature in a much simpler way. Create 2 strands of beaded strings using big size beads and use them as tie backs for the string curtains. Your tie back will sure grab everyone’s attention.


To simple old curtains, add volume with ruffled valance. This creates alluring effect to your living room. Try ‘block pattern’ drapes to the door curtains. You can create blocks with different colors of table napkins. Cut them in round or square shape of different size and different colors. Stitch these blocks to the long drop curtains made of cloth material. If you feel stitching is not in your comfort zone then try sticking them with fabric glue and leave them to dry for 24 hours. After drying, reverse iron them to compress the space between the curtain and the blocks. Try these bold block-curtains and leave your guests in to astonishment.


Personalize your curtains with simple and easy do-it-yourself projects like remodeling dish towels in to kitchen curtains, ribbon attached low price curtains in to attractive bedroom curtains, throws and blankets attached as shower curtains and valance added voile curtains in to eye catchy living room curtains.

Shower curtains. Colorful shower curtains bring liveliness to the dull bathrooms. Measure the size and get three different plain colored blankets or throws. If you don’t have any at home, try buying them in throws and blankets sale. Now when you are ready with the cloth, measure the height of the shower. Divide the height in to three and cut three contrasting colored throws or blankets accordingly. Now stitch the three pieces into one. Now fold it little for the rod pocket and hang them on the show curtain rod. Now you can have a colorful shower curtain ready. See the pictures for more curtain design ideas:








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