Project Renovation: the Keys to Successful Redecoration

Whether you’re moving into a new home or you want to spice up a room that looks a bit dated, renovation projects don’t need to be a drag. There are some fun and easy changes you can make to give your room a total overhaul and score a major design success. Try experimenting with new and contrasting paint colors, picking out some fun new pieces like accent lamps, or just change out the rug for something fresh, and you’ll be surprised how great your space can look in no time.

Turn Alcoves into Accents

If you have some architectural interest in your room like an alcove or open nook, try painting the walls a contrasting tone. This bright pop of color can make a big difference in the overall appearance of the room by highlighting the architectural feature.


If you have warm toned furniture like wood or leather pieces in the brown color family, try painting with a burnt orange or crimson. Check out MyHomeIdeas to get an idea of what an orange alcove might look like. If your room lacks an alcove, you can still take advantage of color contrasting techniques by choosing an accent wall to paint a different color from the rest. If you choose to go with a bold hue, try to have some accent pieces of the same color for continuity in your look.

Consult a color expert in the store and take some swaths home to ensure that the paint hue won’t look garish in the space. If you want to go for a more contemporary look with sleek furniture in blacks, greys, and metal tones, you might be better off going with a paint that is still in that monochromatic color family but in a contrasting shade that’s significant lighter or darker from the primary paint color of the room. Colorists Denise Turner and Emily Kiker Morrow have taken note of the growing popularity of monochromatic style, “For the last few years, black and white has been a popular combination in the European market, but Turner has noticed that it’s making its way across the pond. While Morrow has seen it more in accent pieces, like textiles and wallpaper, Turner suggests it will take over entire rooms and recommends pairing it with hot accent colors like red or acid green for the latest look.” If you want to find a way to integrate those hot accent colors, try using a lamp.

Using Accent Lamps

If you’re going to remodel the bones of a room, you’ll need to fill it with some interesting pieces as well if you want to achieve the full effect of the change. Picking out a few interesting accent pieces can show your personality and personal taste while giving the room some interesting things for guests to talk about when they visit. Interior design retailers like Lumens offer a variety of fun accent lamps from which to choose. Picking the accent lamp that best fits your aesthetic might require a little bit of searching around, but you’ll know the right piece when you find it. Try searching through Pinterest for fun ideas about how you can use accent lamps in your space.

Scout out Unique Art

You won’t be able to effectively personalize a space unless you scout out some unique pieces of art to fill your walls. Even in you prefer a style of stark minimalism, you should still include at least one bold piece of art to put the rest of the room into relief. Just like finding accent lamps, finding unique art for your walls might require some legwork, but it’s worth the effort to end up with a piece that inspires conversation rather than embarrassment. Take the opportunity to support the local art community in your city and find something with a geographic interest. If you don’t live in an area that’s particularly rich in the arts, perhaps choose a piece from a memorable travel destination or a meaningful piece from your past that would do nicely. Wall art is another opportunity to engage color contrasts for visual emphasis. By choosing a piece of art that either draws out the color of the accent wall further into the room or contrasting a room of sharp furniture with a soft image, you can balance the interior design of the room and keep everything aesthetically coherent.

Renovation projects might seem daunting to those that are doing it for the first time, but by finding some unique pieces that really speak to your design sensibilities, and following some guidelines for color coordination and contrast, you can end up with the new room you’ve been dreaming of.

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