Providing Extra Seating Using Cushions

Floor cushions are large cushions which are alternatively used for furniture such as sofas or chairs. They are beautiful part of home decor, basically used on floors for seats or as decorative lounge pillows. Floor cushions play a vital role in designing the interiors of your home and by providing extra seating when you expect to have lots of traffic at your home. They come in various shapes like square floor cushions, rectangle floor cushions which are also called box cushions and round floor cushions, you can choose from wide range according to the need and style of your home decor.

Types of floor cushions. Floor cushions are terrific way to eat at a low table, Japanese style, they provide absolute comfort more than a carpet floor, wood or tiles. Floor cushions are of various types and are designed according to the needs of the people. Some of the types are given below:


1. Garden bench cushion: Garden bench cushions are designed to cover plain wooden surface of a bench with a cushion providing relief and support to back against the hard flat surface. They are highly comfortable and supportive for those who suffer from back pain.
2. Chair cushions: Chair cushions are basically used at large events and weddings. These cushions have a tie that attach to the back leg of the chair.
3. Sofa cushions: Sofa cushions are most commonly used in every home these days. They are highly soft,comfortable and durable. Sofa cushions add to the beauty of your sofa and increase the seating height providing a comfortable pleasure.

Cushion covers play a great role in keeping the floor cushions last long and comfortable. It is important for you to cover your floor cushions and other cushions in cushion covers as they prevent them from getting dirt and spills.


How To decorate with floor cushions?

Decorating with floor cushions is very economical and trendy, saving space and a perfect solution for small families. You can place floor cushions anywhere in your home living a classy decorative lounge look. Here are some ways you can use your floor cushions:

– You can use floor cushions to eat at low table seating in a Japanese style.
– Floor cushions can be used as a playroom or classroom for children as well.
– Scatter floor cushions when you are expecting to have guests at your home and you have less seating.

Floor cushions are fun way to add beauty and addition to your decor without spending an extra cost, all you need is a creative mind to decorate your home in best way. Choose a style that matches your home decor.








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