Rococo Living Room Furnishing

Rococo style peaked during 1700 and 1780 in western Europe and was found in art and music. The name Rococo means “rocaille” in French, which is appropriate as the Rococo’s ornate asymmetry was inspired by natural curves of trees, shells, clouds and flowers. Rococo style is influenced by the carefree living of the French aristocracy. At that time have created new forms of upholstered furniture: a sofa, in the form of several related chairs, as well as lounge chairs and deep soft.

Rococo is characterized by its elegant and frivolous elements in furniture. At that time, the women’s dresses were especially bulky, so considering this; the masters began to create furniture that would allow the fair sex to feel comfortable in them.


Thanks to various Rococo interior elements evolve towards unity and harmony – the rooms’ corners are rounded, like furniture; mirrors and candlesticks are gilded and exquisitely combined with brilliant metallic ornaments. Rococo furniture was made of mahogany wood or was gilded and upholstered in leather, brocade or velour. It also had carved and sinuous silhouettes that compliment the wall and ceiling finishing, which strengthened the ornate picture.


French Rococo was known for such colors as yellow, pink, ivory and gold, azure blue and cream. The Rococo living room decoration is distinguished by its delicate pastel shades of pink, light blue, beige, pale green, and the combination of white and gold, and the interior is filled with tapestries and paintings, whose main characters are generally gods and mythical creatures, as Venus, Diana, Apollo, nymphs and cupids. One of the main components of the Rococo interior is gorgeous mirror in a gilded frame, usually surrounded by all kinds of porcelain figurines, clocks, candlesticks, lacquered boxes and other trinkets.

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