Rustic Appearances Of Your Kitchen

The term ‘rustic‘ is usually associated with two different concepts. The first one is about nature and the other one describes an old Mediterranean style. If you invest some time for a research and leave the rest to your imagination and creativity, you will be able to decorate your kitchen with a rustic look. Here are some tips which will make your mission less complicated.

1. Rustic Mediterranean kitchen appearance. The rustic look is also associated with the Mediterranean. So, here are a few tips on how to bring some of it straight to your kitchen. For beginning, choose a vibrant and at the same time cool color palette. Decorating specialists claim that shades such as burnt orange and golden yellow are perfect example when you want to achieve a rustic-style look.

They add that the orange color has the ability to calm the nerves. Orange color has the ability to increase your appetite. Consider stone flooring as well to add for the rustic look.


When it comes to accessories, it is a good idea to choose iron and copper items. Let me give you a simple example. Buy some iron wall grills with perplexed designs. You can use a copper or bronze theme for the fixtures. This way you will be able to match them perfectly with the orange or golden walls. Last, but not least you should choose the proper lighting for the place. To keep the warm feeling install copper light fixtures and add dimmer switches.


2. Rustic natural kitchen appearance. With the rustic natural kitchen decor you will bring a small part from outside to your kitchen appearance. The main point is to use natural elements instead of modern accessories. Use mainly products and materials which are found in nature and you will achieve this rustic natural kitchen appearance shortly.


Many homeowners use different wood and stone types to get the rustic look. For example, these days pine wood cabinets are very popular. Combine them with a table and chairs in the corresponding theme and your design will be almost complete. When it comes to choosing the color for the floors, you can go for contrasting darker themes.


Laminate wooden floors are an excellent choice along with stone flooring. Now, let’s say a few words about the walls. The most common options are rich greens and golden browns. Some people even place a slate countertop behind the stove or sink.


Nature offers such a big choice. For example, you can use pine-cones and acorns as accessories. They will add for the rustic appearance, if you fill a wicker bowl with them and place it on the table or countertop.





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