Shell Villa In Kitasaku, Japan

Shell Villa In Kitasaku, Japan – Shell Villa is an ultramodern residence designed by Kotaro Ide, ARTechnic Architects 20. Shell Villa is located in the district of Nagano in Kitasaku in Japan and basically looks like a shell or a spaceship that has had an emergency landing in the middle of a forest. Shell Villa is a tubular private villa built to gracefully endure the natural environment encroaching all around it. Its main, curved structure is made of light concrete and offers a shelter from the nature as well as an excellent sense of privacy. Paradoxically, the house blends naturally into the surroundings and becomes an unusual, but integral part of it. The impression is strengthened by subtle wooden accents that go along with the concrete surprisingly well.

By isolating living space from the wilderness, and upgrading its quality as a shelter, the house will be protected from nature and will provide a comfortable environment. With this, the house will be taken care of and used frequently and continuously.


The interior reflects modernity of the outside. It was designed with space and comfort with mind. The interior space is an open flowing floor plan with built-in furniture, and ulin wood floors that mirror the wooden floating decks which extend from the interior space into the wooded exterior. Most of the floors, sections of the walls and furniture are built in timber shades to harmonize with the woods around the house. In addition to many windows providing natural lightning during the day, there are plenty of wall mounted lamps and floor illuminations that make the residence glow brightly in the dark.

The scenery conjures a SF film-like image, in which locals inhabit over an abandoned spacecraft. With time, trees start to grow encircling the spacecraft, harmonizing it into the landscape.

The plan was to build the villa around the big fir tree as the centre of the site, with a row of pine trees as the main view. Initially, architects had planned to build a shell structure with three dimensionally curved surfaces, and the C shaped section was to surround the fir tree and the plan of the building resembled the letter J. The floor is built 1400mm above the ground, with the lower half of the shell structure protruding greatly towards the outside, supporting the terrace of the same height. All air and exhaust outlets are installed beneath the sash, letting air run outside through the terrace louver.







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