Shelves For Modern Interiors

Shelves For Modern Interiors – We know that the interior of a room depends on the style and decor. Today the style has become fashionable to hi-tech. The apartments and office space are widely used for this kind of furniture like metal shelves. They have not only an attractive appearance, but distinguished by their functionality. Shelves furniture – it is easy hardware for your home.

This furniture, which is due to the numerous compartments and shelves, allowing accommodate a wide variety of items that can not fit in the cupboard. Where to buy racks of various kinds? First, it is public furniture and interior. It can be purchased at any furniture store. Secondly, there are special internet shops where you can select and order furniture, but also, if you bring it in your own time.


Design by Gallotti & Radice

First of all, the furniture in the room to fulfill its functional purpose. It should be compact and does not occupy the entire space of the room. To be attractive, and to emphasize the space and not clutter it. What are the main advantages of metal furniture such as shelves? Clearly, the benefits from this too much furniture, but the main advantage, in our opinion, is durability. Quality metal furniture, including metal shelving, can have long-term operation. Among other things, they do not require special care. Many prefer to install in the house, modular shelves and even a corner shelves.

Shelves are often used as furniture in the stores where it is necessary to show the goods. Also used as office furniture. Each office will become more solid, the interior is easy to emphasize the many kinds of shelving. Metal furniture such as safes, racks – the symbol of longevity and quality. Even in the motor is widely used, this furniture: metal shelves, workbench.


Shelves designed by Luca Nichetto for Gallotti & Radice

There are: pallet, shelf, cantilever, mezzanine racks, and shelving on mobile fundamentals, and many others. The most common use of the universal racks. This is convenient for the construction of warehouses, stores, archives and other facilities. Often in stores you can see the advertising rack or shelving. Maximum load – 50 kg. Shelves are different in height, width, depth, quantity and weight of the shelves. What is harder to rack, the more high-quality and sturdy construction. Also, this shows the ability to withstand as much load. By the shelves attach additional equipment, among which are: racks, adapters, galvanized fasteners, limiter, side and rear walls, corners and shelves. Shelves have a different color, often grey. For resilience to the structure to cause a special coating and produce a special treatment.

Thus, the shelves today – is not just a fat rugged construction capable of withstanding large loads. This, above all, a modern interior decor. Stylish appearance of this metal furniture favorably underline your room, make it unique and attractive.


Flexam-Glass shelves by Pandurum Studios, price: $2,000


Contemporary angled freestanding bookshelf

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