Slate Tiles Everywhere In Your Home

Slate Tiles Everywhere In Your Home – There are so many people who prefer to use slate tiles in their homes or bathrooms. The reason behind this is that each slate tile is different from another and this could make a bathroom so unique. The variety of color and natural design does not create an inconsistent pattern though. In fact, this adds to the beauty of the tiles as they provide a different feel that may not be achieved with other tiles, even those made from natural stones.

Slate is a metamorphic rock with relatively weak bonds between layers, so tiles made from it tend to split along those planes. For an installation to resist damage, slate tiles must be set on a solid surface with mortar.


Black slate floor tiles

Further, when you will look at slate tiles, you will find that they are very pleasing, as well as environmentally friendly, and slip resistant, all of which make it a popular choice for bathrooms and outdoor areas such as patios.

Usually most of the home owners and builders prefer to install slate tiles for their kitchen. If a person wants, then he can even use slate tiles for slabs and sinks. Slate stones are highly resistant to heat, moisture, stains, spills and scratch, and their tiles are decorative and durable which can be installed very easily. However it is very important to install them cautiously by professionals, experts or installers, as they have experience and knowledge in this particular field of activity.


When you will research about the slate tiles, you will find out that they are available in standard sizes of 12 inches by 12 inches. Other tiles, however, are available in 16-inch, or even 24-inch squares. These tiles can often be found in thicknesses of one-half to three-fourth inches deep. Sizes larger than 24 inch squares are usually described as slabs. Essentially, slabs are larger, thicker, and more irregularly shaped than tiles.


It is strongly recommended that the slate tile should only be used in places where there is limited water exposure and that an alternative material be used for places like the shower area or the slate-tiles.slate tiles be regularly maintained with appropriate sealers, otherwise they could easily fade through due to water if not sealed sufficiently.

Slate tiles are available in a wide variety with different designs and shapes. They are very well known for their durability, which is the most obvious reason why a person goes ahead to buy them.





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