Spa Ambience In Your Master Bathroom

Spa Ambience In Your Master Bathroom – People spend time at spas in order to feel better when they leave than they did when they arrived. Whether the point of the spa visit is getting a much needed massage to reduce muscle tension brought on by injury or the stresses of daily life, getting a facial that leaves your skin glowing or getting a manicure that makes the skin on your hands feel unbelievably soft as it makes your nails look gorgeous, all spa visits leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

Though you probably don’t employ a massage therapist, aesthetician or manicurist in your home, you can still create the soothing spa ambience of peaceful relaxation and well being in your master bath using accessories and decor accents instead of major renovations. The towel racks, mirrors, soaps and sundries you choose can make a world of difference.


Here are a few design tips to help you get started in creating a spa ambience in your master bathroom:

1. Choose graceful towel racks big enough to hold body sheet type bath towels without looking crowded. Wrought iron towel racks with a shelf on the top are particularly nice as you can use the shelf to hold and display scented aromatherapy candles and potpourri that add to the spa feeling.

2. Don’t hide bath necessities such as soaps and body lotions under the sink or in the medicine cabinet. Instead, unwrap soaps and store them in a large, pretty, clear glass jar.


3. Instead of merely folding clean towels and wash cloths and tucking them away, roll them and store them in a large, flattish basket.

4. Use antiques to create charming storage: An old three-drawer chest or freestanding repurposed jam cupboard-especially when painted the same color as the bathroom walls can hold a lot of hair dryers, curlers, cosmetics and whatever else you need. The overall effect is supposed to be charismatic and personal.

5. Include some greenery to increase a sense of well being. A dark green plant looks great anywhere, and pictures of flowers and landscapes contribute additional notes of serenity. Ferns love steam and moisture and they thrive in a bathroom setting, as long as you have ample natural light to allow them to grow.

6. Use candles lavishly-nothing says ‘elegant spa’ more than candles! Set candles of all sizes along the edges of your tub. Light them while bathing for a relaxing bath experience.


7. Listen carefully. Invest in a small CD player and several CDs of soft music and natural sounds such as gentle rain or ocean waves. Listening to soothing music while getting ready for work can help to start a day that runs smoothly; listening to soothing music during an evening bath can take the edge off one that didn’t.

8. Use bath salts and body oils every day. Why deny yourself these pleasures except when you go to a day spa? You deserve the feel good benefits that scented bath salts, botanical bath soaks, body lotions and oils provide on an everyday basis, not just once in a while! Many spas now sell the same products you enjoy during spa treatments for home use as well, and buying them for home use will truly make you feel your bath is a luxurious spa!

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