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Space Saving Appliances – There are lots of appliances that it is absolutely essential for comfortable living, no matter how small a space you are living in. One of these would obviously be a cooker of some sort. Nowadays, however, you don’t need to buy a full-size cooker when you could get a multi-purpose grill/microwave and a plug-in halogen oven to cook your food in. A few essential kitchen utensils and your essential space saving furniture is complete. If you do decide to go for a full-size cooker, however, there is a range of smaller models available to choose from. This recent influx of new designs in the small appliances’ ranges has come about as the response to the burgeoning demand for appliances to fit into the small kitchens provided in most city centre apartments.


Not everyone with a diminutive kitchen has room for a full-size cooker. What better to go with your roast dinner than beautifully steamed vegetables, courtesy of one of the many food steamers you can now purchase? There is the food digital steamer or, if you really want to splash out, the food steam oven which comes with a top-of-the-range price tag. Both are free standing models that take up little room if your kitchen is particularly space-challenged.

Miele Steam-Oven

Miele Steam Oven

One thing both of these appliances provide is the option to cook healthy meals. If you can afford the Miele steam oven, retailing at as much as $1,600 USD in some places, then it clearly does provide a better option. It looks like a miniature oven and comes with three metal trays which can be used simultaneously to steam a full dinner. Meanwhile, the Deni digital food steamer is a comparative snip at just $80 – a smaller price without sacrificing any of the healthy cooking associated with steaming. These are just two of a wide range of food steamers – some better than others.


Miele Combi Steam Oven

Of course, after that delectable meal comes the washing up – and, what better way to tackle that than to pop everything into your dishwasher and press the ‘on’ button? However, if you don’t have the space to do that why not choose one of the many countertop models? Comparing these table-top models with their full-size counterparts, we would say that the table-top models offer everything the full-size dishwashers offer: their design may be smaller but this makes their operation no less significant than those larger models.


DD60DCHW7 Double dish drawer, Fisher & Paykel


Table-top dishwasher

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